Welcome to The Hand of Fate
Welcome to The Hand of Fate, an Exit Fate fan site. If you don't already know, but have found yourself here anyway, Exit Fate is a role-playing game created by SCF with the use of the RPG Maker XP computer software. For further information on the game itself, check the 'About Exit Fate' link provided in the menu above.

Before you venture further into this site, let me point out that this site uses the MS Gothic font face, so if you don't have it installed, the site will likely appear rather screwy. If you don't have this font installed, you can download it here.

Update (08/08/15)
It seems we're still not quite 100% around these parts! Thanks to slicktrick420, the Bugs/Glitches and Mishaps page has been updated with one more bug report. It actually seems to be a rather common bug in the game, albeit not game-breaking by any means, but worth noting all the same, in case others come across it and aren't sure what's going on. However, the exact cause of this bug seems to be unclear, so if anybody manages to recreate the bug through specific means, do share the info, so we can update the page!
That aside, there hasn't been much to add around here lately. I've got a few ideas (namely, a save file collection), but I'm not sure when I'll get around to replaying the game to gather the required data. Keep an eye out.

Update (01/22/15)
Another update courtesy of Nikolai: The Shiva Passage guide was outdated as of a previous patch to the game. Namely, the default switch is now Moon, rather than Star. The step-by-step guide was updated to reflect this. Thanks again, Nikolai!


 1.) This website is entirely fan-made, and is in no way directly affiliated with the creator
     of the game or the software used to create it. Any contact about the site should be made
     with me -- the webmaster.

 2.) Being a fan-made site based on a game, many images used on the site are borrowed from
     the game. All of said images belong to their rightful owners/creators; I claim no credit
     for their creation. (This includes all original artwork based on the game, which belongs
     to SCF.)

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